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Critical Occupations List (2018/2019)
Industry 4WRD: National Policy on Industry 4.0
Mid-term Review of the Eleventh Malaysia Plan 2016-2020
Independent Work: Choice, Necessity, and the Gig Economy
Passport: Returning Expert Programme
Passport: MyASEAN Internship
Work-Life Practices: Meeting the Needs of the Future Work, Workplace and Workforce
TalentCorp Annual Review 2017
Visioning Malaysia's Future Of Work: A Framework For Action
PWC 2012 Study on Talent Demand and Supply in the Oil & Gas Sector
MEM June 2014 - Boosting trade competitiveness
Critical Occupations List Report (2016/2017)
Critical Occupations List (2016/2017)
CIMA Special Report: Ready for Business: Bridging the Employability Gap
Building Diversity in Asia Pacific Boardrooms
MY Work, MY Future: Embracing the Winning Formula for Flexible Work Arrangements
TalentCorp-ACCA Malaysia Report on Retaining Women in the Workforce
TalentCorp E&E sector Insights 2012
The Pilot Critical Occupations List Report (2015/2016)
Improving the Effectiveness of TalentCorp’s Initiatives
Women at Work: Trends 2016
Pilot Critical Occupations List (2015/2016)
TalentCorp-PwC Survey Report on Diversity in the Workplace 2015
Flexibility in the Workforce: The Way Forward (2014)
PwC 2014 Diversity and Inclusion Disclosures guide - Aug 2014
MEM December 2014 - Towards A Middle Income Society
IMD World Talent Report 2014
List of companies that participated in the Call for Evidence survey (2015)
Accenture Reinventing Work in ASEAN
Eleventh Malaysia Plan
Diversity In The Workplace 2015
MEM December 2015 – Immigrant Labour
IPSOS 2012 E&E Sector Study on the Supply-Demand of Talent in Malaysia
The Malay Mail July 2015: Malaysians With Global Exposure Asset To Nation
The Expat October 2015: A One-Stop Centre for Expats
Borneo Post (BIZHIVE Weekly) January 2016: Building and Enhancing Malaysia’s Human Capital
The Edge Malaysia May 2015: Filling the talent pipeline for the E&E sector
The Edge Financial Daily April 2015: IAC to address HR challenges in E&E sector
The Edge Malaysia April 2015: Boosting the E&E Sector’s Talent Pipeline
SME News March 2015: Making the Case for Having More Women in the Workplace
SME News March 2015: Supportive Culture To Back Women's Career Advancement
Certificate in HR Practice (Level 3, Foundation)
HR Certification Programme by CIPD
HR Certification Programme by SHRM
HR Certification Programme by MIHRM
HR Certification Programme by AHRI
Talent ProCertification
myStarJob : [May 2016] myASEANinternship
myStarJob : [May 2016] Critical Occupations List
Creelman Research: The Uberisation of Work & The Future of Leadership
KiniBiz : [December 2015] Contrasting Ways of Grooming Talent
Creelman Research: Leadership Transition for High Potentials
The Edge Malaysia (Special Report) March 2016: The Important Work of Revitalising Cities
Creelman Research: Evidence-based Management
Going Places (CNY Special Edition) – February 2016: Soon Poh Lean, RHB Investment Bank; Mabel Lau, Standard Chartered Bank Malaysia Berhad
Going Places (Soul Searching) – February 2016: Joining Forces
Going Places – January 2016: Michaela Dinboeck, Novartis Corporation
Going Places – December 2015: Norlida Azmi, UEM Group
myStarJob : [December 2015] The Corporate Melting Pot
KPMG: 2015 HR Insights Expectation vs. Reality
Going Places - Nov 2015: S. Purushothuman Kesavan Swaminathan, Flextronics Technology Penang Sdn Bhd
Focus Malaysia: [November 2015] Foreign talent, global expansion
Life at Work Awards 2015 - Highlights of Participating Employers
myStarJob : [November 2015] GradMalaysia Graduate Recruitment Award 2015
CIPD - Evolution of HR Analytics: Perspectives from Singapore, Hong Kong and Malaysia
Focus Malaysia: [November 2015] Internship Beyond Borders
Going Places - October 2015: Saif Malik, Standard Chartered
myStarJob : [October 2015] World of HR
myStarJob : [September 2015] MYXPats Centre Launched
myStarJob : [September 2015] Life At Work Awards 2015
Going Places - September 2015: Emeliana Rice-Oxley, Petronas
Focus Malaysia : [September 2015] Bridging the Divide Through Diversity and Inclusion
Going Places - August 2015: Manoj Menon, Frost & Sullivan
Focus Malaysia : [August 2015] Closing the Skills Gap
Going Places - July 2015: Dr. Onn Akbar Ali, KPJ Klang Specialist Hospital
Going Places - June 2015: Chris Kelly, Intel Corporation
Going Places - May 2015: Solihin Yusof, Ericsson Malaysia Sdn Bhd
myStarJob : [May 2015] Collaborating to Boost E&E Sector
Focus Malaysia : [May 2015] The Next Corporate Revolution
Going Places - April 2015: Cheryl Yeoh, MaGIC
myStarJob : [March 2015] Towards Reality 2020
myStarJob : [March 2015] The Future Leaders of ASEAN
Going Places - November 2014: Anna Braun, B. Braun Asia Pacific
Going Places - October 2014: James Thompson III, Crown Worldwide Group
myStarJob : [October 2014] Life At Work Award - Is Your Organisation Future-Ready?
The Edge 2014 Merdeka Focus
Going Places - September 2014: Paul Low, Am MetLife
Going Places - August 2014: Suresh Kumar, GE Aviation
myStarJob : [August 2014] TalentCorp HR Network
myStarJob : [August 2014] Matching Talents to Jobs - Trends in Graduate Employability
Going Places - July 2014: Antony Fook Weng Lee, AIG
Going Places - June 2014: Choong Kim-Mi, PwC Malaysia
Going Places - May 2014: Rhenu Bhullar, Frost & Sullivan
myStarJob : [April 2014] Driving Performance Through Diversity
myStarJob : [March 2014] The Many Reasons Why We've Returned Home
myStarJob : [February 2014] Career Comeback Insertions
myStarJob : [February 2014] Partnering Employers & Universities to Enhance Graduate Employability
Going Places - February 2014: Jenny Chew, P&G Malaysia
myStarJob : [February 2014] Partnering Employers & Universities to Enhance Graduate Employability
Going Places - January 2014: Dr. Maya Nagaratnam, Pantai Hospital
Going Places - December 2013: Wasim Saifi, Standard Chartered Saadiq Berhad
The Edge 2013 Merdeka Focus
Going Places - November 2013: Foong Pik Yee, Hong Leong Bank Berhad
myStarJob : [October 2013] Spotlight on Tourism
Going Places - October 2013: Mohd Khairil Abdullah, AXIATA Group berhad
Going Places - September 2013: Sajith Sivanandan,Google Malaysia
myStarJob : [September 2013] Joining Forces with Employers to Meet Talent Needs
myStarJob : [August 2013] Deciding Where to Build Your Career
Going Places - August 2013: Fermin Fautsch, VADS Berhad
myStarJob : [July 2013] For the Prosperity of the North
myStarJob : [June 2013] The Best of Both Worlds with CIMB Fusion
myStarJob : [April 2013] A Bright Future Indeed
The Edge 2013 Empowering Women Special Report
myStarJob : [April 2013] Internships Matter
The Edge 2013 Empowering Women Special Report
myStarJob : [March 2013] Your Future Employers at Iskandar Malaysia
myStarJob : [March 2013] Iskandar Malaysia: The Next Big Place to Work
myStarJob : [January 2013] Holistic Approach in Oceaneering Asset Management
myStarJob : [January 2013] Career Fair for O&G Talents
myStarJob : [January 2013] TalentCorp Supports the Oil and Gas Sector Through Various Talent Programmes
The Edge 2012 Merdeka Focus
Talent Roadmap 2020


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