Breaking the Barriers of Locality

“One Vision, One Identity, One Community”. Get connected to like-minded people and build your network with peers in the ASEAN region.

Looking to join a community of ASEAN youths through shared interests? Say hello to #DearPal.

#DearPal, is a new cross-cultural virtual initiative under the MyASEAN Internship programme, which allows peer-to-peer pensive conversation among ASEAN youths on the topic of cultural integration, leadership, entrepreneurship and economy welfare through e-letter exchange.

The 2-week virtual interaction period will allow ASEAN students to spark meaningful conversations on each other’s cultures, languages and norms.

If you fulfil all of the following criteria, you can apply to be part of #DearPal.

  • ASEAN nationality
  • Aged between 18-24
  • Currently pursuing a Bachelor’s Degree or have graduated within 1 year of applying
  • Interested in cross-cultural understanding
  • Able to commit your time to correspond with other participants

Expand your network and build meaningful connections with ASEAN peers


Gain exposure through cultural diversity and add to your self-development


Get to know what ASEAN stands for, discover new cultures and make life-long friends without having to travel abroad



How does the matching process take place?

Each participant is paired with one (1) other applicant, and matching criteria is based on different nationality or Malaysians studying/ have studied abroad with Malaysians studying/ have studied in Malaysia.

When does the matching take place?

The matching will take place within 2 weeks of receiving application.

Do we have to contact our match once matched?

You are not required to personally contact your match prior to e-letter-writing. You may proceed to send e-letter to your match.

How will I know when I'm matched?

You will be alerted via e-mail by TalentCorp. Keep an eye on your inbox and spam folder.

How many times do I need to exchange e-letter?

It is hoped that participants will exchange at least 1 e-letter, nonetheless, participants may exchange e-letters how often as they want within the two weeks.

Who sends the first e-letter?

E-letters will or can be sent simultaneously. The process is that a match will be sent to participants who applied and fit #DearPal criteria. Each participant is responsible for writing an e-letter to people they are matched with. Participants are responsible to send the letter within 2 weeks from the date they receive their match.

I haven't received anything from my match. How long do I wait to tell you that I would like to be rematched?

If you have not received anything from your match within 2 weeks from the date you received your match, you may contact TalentCorp to be rematched.

Will I ever meet my pen pal?

TalentCorp will only monitor progress for two weeks from the date you receive your match. Should you decide to meet your match either virtually or physically, these arrangements can be made on your own after you complete the two-week period of exchanging e-letter.

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