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Did you know that as a JPA scholar, you can serve your bond in the private sector?
Ordinarily, JPA scholars are required to serve their bond in the public sector. However, all that has changed since the introduction of STAR, a joint initiative between the Public Service Department (JPA) and us. Now, JPA scholars can serve their government bond in the private sector as well. 

Through the Scholarship Talent Attraction and Retention (STAR) programme, you get to work with one of the many reputable STAR employers in Malaysia. At the same time, you will also fulfil your federal scholarship bond without getting recalled by the government.
If you would like to join STAR, you must fulfil the minimum criteria: 

  • You are a Public Service Department (JPA) scholar who graduated in 2010 and thereafter 
facts & figures
achievements as of 31 December 2022
Launched by the Prime Minister of Malaysia
JPA scholars are now serving their bonds with 2,390 Malaysian employers


participating companies

Serve your bond with private sector companies in Malaysia
Gain exposure and develop a great career with leading Malaysian employers
No-recall policy – once you are accepted into STAR, you may choose to only serve your government bond in the private sector


Can I join STAR?
Yes, if you are a Public Service Department (JPA) scholar who graduated in 2010 and thereafter. If you have not been contacted by JPA or TalentCorp, or have not reported for duty, e-mail us at and we can assist you.
How do I know if I can participate in STAR?
You can participate if you have been contacted by TalentCorp and/or JPA. If you have not, but would like to participate, please get in touch with us at or Bahagian Modal Insan, JPA.
What happens to my bond?
By joining the STAR, your scholarship bond remains with JPA. However your employment with the company will count towards serving your bond. It is your duty to keep JPA/TalentCorp updated on your employment status.
Which are the companies that I can apply to work at?
There are over 2,000 STAR employers listed on our site.
What should I do if the company that I want to work for in Malaysia, is not a STAR employer?
It is easy to be a STAR employer. Please introduce your potential employer about this initiative, and lead them to sign up at
Do I have to report for duty with JPA or TalentCorp?
Yes, it is in the contract or agreement that you signed, when you accepted the scholarship from the Federal Government.
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