TalentCorp’s Sabah-focused Dialogue Session Aims to Address Talent Mismatch and Close Economic Growth Gaps in Sabah

YB Datuk Ts. Mustapha Sakmud, Deputy Minister of Human Resources together with Thomas Mathew, Group Chief Executive Officer of TalentCorp and the Participants of Sabah Industry-Academia Dialogue by TalentCorp.

KOTA KINABALU, 10 November – In a bid to continue strengthening and empowering the talent landscape in Sabah, Talent Corporation Malaysia (TalentCorp), an agency under the Ministry of Human Resources organised a dialogue and networking session with YB Datuk Ts. Mustapha Sakmud, Deputy Minister of Human Resources, participated by 75 industry and academia members based in Sabah.

The session, themed "Sabah Maju Jaya: Aligning the Talent Ecosystem with Economic Growth” aims to bring top-down and bottom-up feedback from invested parties to support Sabah’s economic development and incoming investments. Feedback from the discussion will be channelled upwards when designing strategies and implementing initiatives for Sabah’s growth and prosperity.

During his keynote address, YB Datuk Ts. Mustapha Sakmud commended TalentCorp's efforts in providing a platform for stakeholders to play an active role in strengthening the Malaysian talent landscape, especially with the capital of Indonesia due to be moved to Nusantara in 2024.

YB Datuk Ts. Mustapha Sakmud, Deputy Minister of Human Resources giving his Keynote Address during the launch of the Dialogue Session

“The Ministry of Human Resources has proposed comprehensive legal amendments to the Sabah Labour Ordinance to make it more progressive, fair, and equitable. This will cover 187,000 employers and over 2 million workers in Sabah,” he said.

“We also look to prioritise skills development, where TVET as a game changer, and Malaysia setting the course for a sustainable and inclusive future in building future talent and the creation of high skilled jobs toward high-income nation.”

He also announced the formation of Sabah Labour Advisory Council (SLAC), an initiative in collaboration between the Sabah state government with the Federal government through the Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation (KSTI) Sabah and the Ministry of Human Resources.

“SLAC will serve as a platform to channel views, provide advice, and provide recommendations related to labour matters, leading to more tailored policies and legislation for Sabah. Our aim is to unite everyone in working toward a shared vision, eliminating any delays or redundancies, and SLAC will play a crucial role in achieving this,” he added.

Thomas Mathew, TalentCorp Group Chief Executive Officer giving his welcoming remarks during the Sabah Industry-Academia Dialogue opening ceremony

The session organised by TalentCorp is one of its many continuous efforts in the state, including its recently held regional Industry-Academia Collaboration (IAC) workshop organised in collaboration with the Sabah state government and Sabah Economic Development and Investment Authority (SEDIA).

Thomas Mathew, Group CEO of TalentCorp said that findings from the TalentCorp’s recent IAC Sabah Workshop revealed that more can be done to map and rechart Sabah's high-priority talent requirements, and link them with available talent supply from universities, polytechnics, and vocational institutions.

YB Datuk Ts. Mustapha Sakmud, Deputy Minister of Human Resources together with Mr Thomas Mathew, TalentCorp Group Chief Executive Officer during the Sabah Industry-Academia Dialogue.

“Through this dialogue and the input we gained from both industry and academia, we aim to enhance workforce capabilities, boost technical and digital skills through on-the-job training, increase participation in TVET and tertiary education, and improve access to talent and job opportunities in Sabah," he added.

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Issued by Talent Corporation Malaysia Berhad

10 November 2023



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