TalentCorp Launches Sector-Focused Industry-Academia Report to Synergise the Development of Malaysia’s Future Workforce

YB Tuan V. Sivakumar, Minister of Human Resources together with Ybhg. Dato' Haji Amran Bin Haji Ahmad Deputy Chief Secretary, Ministry of Human Resources and Mr Thomas Mathew, TalentCorp Group Chief Executive Officer launch the Sector-Focused IAC Workshop Report Vol 1.

KUALA LUMPUR, 7 December – In a collaborative effort aimed at bridging talent demand and supply gaps and cultivating a high-calibre future workforce, Talent Corporation Malaysia Berhad (TalentCorp) has officially unveiled Volume 1 of the Sector-Focused Industry-Academia Collaboration (IAC) Workshop Report today.

During the launch event, the Minister of Human Resources, YB Tuan V. Sivakumar commended TalentCorp’s efforts in bringing together key industry and academia stakeholders to address talent challenges and identify potential solutions through the exchange of knowledge, insights and experience.

“This enables the Government to gather diverse perspectives while formulating policies. The findings from the TalentCorp Sector-Focused IAC Workshop Report are key in helping policymakers understand the practical implications of their decisions and make policies that are more effective, feasible, and conducive to spur economic growth,” he said.

The publication carries the compilation of findings and insights from TalentCorp’s 10 IAC workshops in 2022 in the following sectors: Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM), Tourism, Animation & Gaming, Electrical & Electronics, Medical and Healthcare, Fast-moving Consumer Goods, Information and Communications Technology, Biotechnology, Logistics, and Oil & Gas Services and Equipment (OGSE).

YB Tuan V. Sivakumar, Minister of Human Resources with the Human Resource Leaders.

A total of 550 representatives from the industry, academia, and professional bodies had attended the workshops, where each report from the workshop outlines the respective sector overview, talent challenges, in-demand skills, case studies, and recommendations for the way forward.

Expressing the agency's commitment, TalentCorp Group CEO, Thomas Mathew, stated that the motivation to address talent gaps within the Malaysian talent ecosystem prompted the creation of the initial 10 IAC workshops.

“The IAC report is a reference document for anyone who wants to start working with the Government, industry players, and academia to talent solution for the country. At TalentCorp, we have started using the insights and findings to ensure that our new initiatives, such as the sector-based Future Skills Talent Council, is strategically aligned to industry and the nation’s needs,” he said.

Thomas Mathew, TalentCorp Group Chief Executive Officer, delivering his welcoming remarks during the launch ceremony.

YB Tuan V. Sivakumar also referenced the TalentCorp’s Future Skills Talent Council as a strategy in line with the Government, citing YAB Prime Minister Dato’ Seri Anwar Ibrahim who recently said that the Government’s approach is to encourage the private sector’s involvement in spearheading skills centres as a crucial step to match the new workforce’s skills and capabilities to industry’s needs.

The launching ceremony was held in conjunction with a HR Leaders Circle Luncheon with over 90 senior HR leaders along with Dato' Haji Amran Bin Haji Ahmad, Deputy Secretary General of Policy and International in attendance.

At the event, TalentCorp also held an exchange of Memorandum of Understanding with the ASEAN Human Development Organisation (AHDO) to strengthen the agency’s footprint and networks at a regional level.

To download a copy of the Sector-Focused IAC Workshop Report Volume 1, go to

Issued by Talent Corporation Malaysia Berhad

7 December 2023



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