Residence Pass-Talent Attracts Top Expatriates To Support Nation's Talent Drive For Economic Growth

PUTRAJAYA, 18 November 2014 – The Government is committed to further facilitate the entry and retention of foreign talent to steer the nation’s drive for economic development. This was emphasised today by the Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department, YB Dato’ Sri Abdul Wahid Omar, in a dialogue session with eminent expatriate leaders.

 "The Government has committed substantial resources to improve and enhance the country’s talent pool in the last five decades. In order to keep attracting high levels of foreign direct investment, we must also ensure that our workforce has the skills that are needed in today’s fast-moving economic landscape.

Notwithstanding our priority to Malaysian talent, we recognise foreign talent complements Malaysian talent. Foreign talent in the short run helps address critical skill gaps and in the longer term, blends with Malaysian talent to provide greater diversity of our talent pool, in line with Malaysia as an innovation-led economy,” said YB Dato’ Sri Abdul Wahid.

Residence Pass - Talent recognises the need for highly qualified foreign talent

 "The Immigration Department is committed to work together with leading employers to provide the processes and environment that make it easy for top foreign talent to work in Malaysia, especially those with expertise needed by priority sectors spearheading Malaysia’s economic transformation,” said the Director-General of the Immigration Department of Malaysia Dato’ Mustafa Hj Ibrahim.

Also present at the dialogue were the Deputy Secretary-General of the Ministry of Home Affairs Dato’ Wahab bin Mohd Yasin and Chief Executive Officer of Talent Corporation Malaysia (TalentCorp) Johan Mahmood Merican.

 "For expatriates working in Malaysia, the Residence Pass – Talent (RP-T) offers flexibility on a long term basis to live and work in this country. Since its launch in April 2011, more than 2800 RP-T applications have been approved,” said Johan Mahmood Merican.

Among the 15 expatriates who attended the dialogue included Prakash Chandran, President & CEO of Siemens Malaysia Sdn Bhd; Yasumitsu Morita, President, Perodua Auto Corporation Sdn Bhd; Sajith Sivanandan, Country Head, Google Malaysia; Richard Leetham, Chief Executive Officer of SapuraAcergy Sdn Bhd; and Christopher Kelly, General Manager of Malaysia Design Center, Intel Malaysia.

 "It’s wonderful having the 10 year Residence Pass - Talent and knowing that the country welcomes our presence. It’s always a nice feeling to know that you’re wanted, not to mention being part of—and actively contributing to—the country’s growth,” said Richard Leetham.

 "Many people now consider Malaysia not just as a temporary career choice, but also as a lifestyle choice. We look forward to working here long term, share our expertise and help to create jobs. By augmenting the great talent that we have in Malaysia, we can together achieve the goals to become high income nation by 2020,” said Christopher Kelly.

The RP-T is an immigration instrument introduced in 2011 that enables top foreign talent and their spouses to work in Malaysia for up to 10 years. Holders of the RP-T have the flexibility to change employers during the 10 years without having to reapply for another employment pass. Dependents of the RP-T holder, including the parents and parents-in-law, are eligible for a five-year social visit pass.

To be eligible for the RP-T, an expatriate must first have a valid employment pass. They must have a minimum gross taxable income of RM144,000 per annum, have filed for income tax in Malaysia for a minimum of two years, and must have worked in Malaysia for at least three years. The RP-T is issued personal to holder, and is renewable.

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