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Malaysians In Australia Invited To Be A Part Of Malaysia's Transformation

22 October 2012

Perth, 16 October 2012 – Talent Corporation Malaysia Berhad (TalentCorp) concluded its Australian outreach programme in Perth, following from engagement sessions with Malaysian students and professionals in Melbourne, Adelaide, Sydney and Brisbane. Opportunities arising from Malaysia’s economic transformation were shared with Malaysian professionals in Australia during the engagement sessions, which were attended by more than 400 experienced professionals across different fields including Healthcare, Accountancy, Engineering, Finance and Information & Communication Technology (ICT).

"We are excited to meet with so many talented young Malaysians, many of whom have expressed interest in developing their careers back home in the near future. This will certainly augur well for our profession and the country in general," expressed Rauf Rashid, Country Managing Partner, Ernst & Young.

Separate healthcare sessions were conducted in each of the cities visited, providing an opportunity for Malaysian doctors in Australia to be apprised of the latest opportunities in Malaysia by representatives from leading hospitals such as Pantai Parkway, KPJ, Sunway, Mahkota and University Malaya Medical Centre.

“For those keen on being a part of Malaysia’s healthcare transformation, we facilitate their return. For those who choose to remain [in Australia], we invite them to form linkages with Malaysia and contribute to the transformation from abroad,” explained Y.Bhg. Datuk Dr Noor Hisham Abdullah, Deputy Director General of Health. The scope for contributing from abroad included supporting Malaysian companies venturing overseas. “There are Malaysians here contributing to the success of Malaysian projects in Australia, whom we met when we visited KPJ Healthcare’s Retirement Community Resort, near Brisbane and SP Setia’s Fulton Lane development in Melbourne,” explained Sherene Azura Azli, General Manager of Diaspora Outreach, TalentCorp.

The engagements with professionals involved active interactions through panel discussions and Question & Answer sessions. “The Malaysians we have engaged with in Australia, whether it is successful entrepreneurs, like property tycoon Maha Sinnathamby in Brisbane; or specialist doctors who have resided here many years, remain passionate about Malaysia. Some may ask skeptical questions, but they are asking questions because they remain interested in Malaysia, and interested in what they as Malaysians can do,” added Sherene.

Having already attracted more than 1,500 students to the career fairs in Melbourne and Sydney, a career fair was also held in Brisbane, organised by Malaysian Students Council of Australia (MASCA) and GRADUAN attracting more than 150 students from universities in and around Queensland. “We have had the most number of students attend and employers participate this year in Australia. With the support of TalentCorp, leading Malaysian employers and MASCA, the career fairs for Malaysians in Australia have grown from strength to strength,” said Elia Talib, who heads GRADUAN.

“We invited our young Malaysian talent to invest in a career in Malaysia today,” said Johan Mahmood Merican, CEO of TalentCorp. “Whilst starting salaries in Australia may be higher, their longer term career development is better served starting their career in Malaysia today and growing as a professional by being a part of the growth in Asia, Malaysia’s journey to become developed nation and the transformation of Malaysian companies into regional champions.” This message was echoed by the various leading employers who participated in the Australian outreach.

"Back in Malaysia, one is provided with greater work responsibility sooner in one’s career continuum and with it, comes learning opportunities and a more diverse range of experiences. This in turn enhances personal and career development," commented Lee Soo Fern, People Leader, Ernst & Young. The opportunity to be a part of a transformation journey was shared with the many Malaysian students attending the career fairs. “Go Ahead. Grow – Maybank’s Employer Value Proposition is what Talent can look forward to, with ready opportunities to contribute in Malaysia and 19 countries. Our talents can take pride in being a part of Maybank’s journey to emerge the leading financial institution in the region,” articulated Nora Manaf, Head, Group Human Capital of Maybank.

“Malaysia has exciting professional opportunities for talent. Nothing beats having Malaysian employers, whether in the private sector, GLCs or public sector to directly engage with top Malaysian students and professionals, and share details of career prospects in Malaysia. We are grateful that leading companies in Malaysia are increasingly pro-active in engaging talent, such as demonstrated during this outreach in Australia,” concluded Johan.

TalentCorp will next be engaging with Malaysian students and professionals on 17 – 18 October in Wellington and Auckland, New Zealand and on 20 – 21 October in Taipei, Taiwan.