Talent Corporation Malaysia Berhad (TalentCorp) was established on 1 January 2011 under the Prime Minister’s Department to formulate and facilitate initiatives that address the availability of talent in line with the needs of the country’s economic transformation.

Collaborating closely with relevant Government agencies and employers in priority economic sectors, TalentCorp develops demand-driven initiatives to enhance graduate employability, optimise Malaysian professionals, engage Malaysians abroad, and facilitate foreign talent.
TalentCorp works with employers and key partners in the Government and institutions of higher learning to attract, nurture, and retain our home-grown talent. We focus on the enhancement of the school-to-work transition, particularly for graduates from local universities.

These initiatives include fostering greater industry-academia collaboration and promoting enhanced internships; coordinating graduate upskilling programmes; and optimising on Government scholars.

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TalentCorp works with training providers to offer professional HR Certification programmes, which encourage employers to invest in developing their HR practitioners, thus ensuring that Malaysia's human capital management is benchmarked to international best practices. We also encourage employers to upskill their workforce by providing a double deduction incentive on expenses incurred in providing employees with professional qualifications and industry recognised vocational qualifications.

We work with employers to enhance diversity in leadership and top management in the corporate sector. Our key initiative, flexWorkLife.my focuses on efforts to attract, retain and increase women talent in the workforce. Further to this, our HR Network aims to address the talent needs of leading employers driving Malaysia’s economic transformation and to foster closer collaboration between leading employers and the Government.

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TalentCorp engages Malaysians abroad by raising awareness of professional opportunities in Malaysia and providing platforms for leading employers to engage with both students and professionals.

In parallel with our outreach programmes, TalentCorp works with employers to facilitate the return of Malaysian professionals from abroad through the Returning Expert Programme as well as establish platforms for global Malaysians to contribute from abroad.

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TalentCorp collaborates with the Immigration Department of Malaysia on the Expatriate Services Division, a one-stop facility aiming to streamline and enhance immigration service delivery for expatriate talent. We facilitate top expatriate talents in Malaysia to work and live here on a longer-term basis through the Residence Pass-Talent so that they can continue to contribute their expertise, particularly in areas of critical skill gaps that cannot be fully addressed by Malaysian talent.

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