MYXpats Centre

Expatriates employment pass services under one roof
TalentCorp's Malaysia Expatriate Talent Service Centre (MYXpats Centre) is a service centre for employers submitting Employment Pass applications and other related immigration passes for their expatriate employees. 

It is a joint initiative between Talent Corporation Malaysia (TalentCorp) and the Immigration Department of Malaysia, and is overseen by the Ministry of Home Affairs. The MYXpats Centre is part of the planned enhancement of immigration services by the Government of Malaysia, which started with the Expatriate Services Division (ESD) in 2014.

Operational in June 2015 and conveniently located in the Klang Valley, the MYXpats Centre provides easy access for both employers and expatriates. The MYXpats Centre will process and issue Employment Pass for expatriates wanting to work in Malaysia, as well as other expatriate-related passes such as the Dependant Pass and Long Term Social Visit Pass. 


Companies already registered with the ESD can make use of the MYXpats Centre to:

Apply for relevant passes for their expatriate employees.
Seek assistance during the document submission process.
Collect endorsed immigration passes.