Expatriate Services Division

A one-stop centre to enhance and facilitate top expatriate talents and business communities
Prime Minister Dato’ Sri Mohammad Najib bin Tun Abdul Razak announced the set-up of Expatriate Services Division (ESD) in December 2012.
The Joint Working Committee – Expatriate (JWC-E) headed by the Ministry of Home Affairs, the Immigration Department, and Talent Corporation Malaysia Berhad work to oversee expat-related policies and implementation. This is so that it can coordinate efforts and align policies and programmes related to attract and retain expatriates.

Also, to ensure implementation of every initiative related to expatriates are executed holistically and effectively by public agencies and private entities. This can streamline and simplify expatriate services as an ENABLER to transform Malaysia into the preferred country for investment and top talent.

Key Features
One-stop centre for all expatriate related services
Enabling data sharing/cross reference
Avoid expatriate ‘approval’ shopping
Services Offered
  1. Company documentation submitted only when there is a change
  2. Real-time status tracking
  3. Minimised checklists
  4. Expatriate notification management services
  5. Online Payment
  6. By appointment system