Internship Placement Matching Grant for SMEs AND START-UPS (LiKES)

LiKES by TalentCorp is an internship placement matching grant for Small and Medium Enterprise (SME) companies and start-ups. With an allocation of RM30 million over 3 years, LiKES aims to provide financial support to SMEs and start-ups in Malaysia, encouraging them to nurture local talent through meaningful, structured, and paid internship programmes for students.

Through the LiKES grant, eligible employers can receive reimbursement for the hired interns’ minimum monthly allowance. For Phase 1 in 2024, RM5 million has been allocated to reimburse up to 10 interns per approved company.

TalentCorp will reimburse maximum RM250.00 per intern per month if the employer pays RM500.00, and maximum RM300.00 if the employer pays RM600.00 or above.

If Employer A hires 5 interns at RM500.00 a month for 3 months:

Upfront payment from Employer to Interns : RM 1,500 x 5 = RM 7,500

Total reimbursement from TalentCorp : RM 750 x 5 = RM 3,750

If Employer B hires 8 interns at RM600.00 a month for 4 months:

Upfront payment from Employer to Interns : RM 2,400 x 8 = RM 19,200

Total reimbursement from TalentCorp : RM 1,200 x 8 = RM 9,600

If Employer C hires 3 interns at RM700.00 a month for 5 months:

Upfront payment from Employer to Interns : RM 3,500 x 3 = RM 10,500

Total reimbursement from TalentCorp : RM 1,500 x 3 = RM 4,500

(because we will only reimburse RM300.00 max per intern per month)

Definition of Small Medium Enterprise (SME)

  • Company resident in Malaysia with a paid-up capital of RM2.5 million or less and is not related to any company with paid up capital of more than RM2.5 million.
  • Annual sales turnover of less than RM300,000 (Micro), RM15 million (Small) and RM50 million (Medium).
  • Number of employees in the company (include foreign workers and expatriates) is less than 5 (Micro), 75 (Small) or 200 (Medium).


  • Company resident in Malaysia incorporated no more than 5 years.
  • Revenue and / or investment size of less than RM20 million.
  • Innovation-driven and disruptive, technology enabled business.


  • Complete the application form at

  • Internship programme must commence within the same year as when the LiKES application was made and endorsed by TalentCorp.
  • The internship reimbursement claim submission must be made not more than 3 months from the date of completion of internship (per assessment year)
  • Interns must sign-up on MyNext Talent and complete the psychometric assessment at upon received of internship placement offered by LiKES company.
  • For more information, please contact:


What is the application process like?
Step 1:  Apply by submitting your application on-line
Step 2:  TalentCorp connects applicants to employers
Step 3:  Employers begin selection process. Only shortlisted applicants will be contacted for an interview (phone/video conference)
Step 4:  Employers will update successful applicants directly, and provide an offer letter
Step 5:  Successful applicants are required to update TalentCorp at
How long does the application process take? 
Most applications will sit with us for up to two (2) weeks for our internal screening process. From there, suitable applicants will be matched to employers. The entire selection process may take up to one (1) month or more, subject to the employers’ requirements.
If my student visa expires before the start of internship, can I still apply?
You need to be on your student visa while undertaking MyASEAN Internship. Otherwise, TalentCorp will coordinate with the potential employer(s) on an application for a Professional Visit Pass (PVP). Please note that you are not able to undertake this internship with a tourist visa.
My university requires a compulsory 6 months of internship in order for me to graduate. Can I still apply for MyASEAN Internship? 
Yes, however please inform the employers on your compulsory internship period if you are shortlisted.
When is the closing date for application? 
Currently there is no fixed closing date, as different employers have different intake periods. However you are encouraged to apply as early as possible, for a higher chance to be shortlisted. 
Help! I submitted wrong information in my application. 
Please e-mail us at with the correct information, however do note that rectification may take up to one (1) week. 
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