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Technology has made work significantly more flexible, where employees can work anytime, anywhere. On top of that, societal norms and family dynamics are changing. Employees today juggle between work and personal life while families often have both parents working. Gone are the days where productivity is measured by the number of hours employees spend behind their office desks. Therefore, this calls for greater flexibility where work productivity does not affect one’s commitment to personal or family life, and vice versa.

Work-life practices (WLPs) represent the future of how work is done and what the workforce of the future expects. Organisations boost employee morale and experience, as well as improve bottom lines from WLPs. 

Organisations have much to gain from implementing WLPs, creating a more innovative and balanced work environment. In today’s working environment, organisations that provide WLPs stay relevant to talent and improve employee experience, productivity and well-being.

We work with organisations to implement WLPs at their workplace. To get started with a repository of best practices in implementing WLPs and family-friendly facilities at the workplace, contact the team at
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companies have adopted Work-Life Practices under our support

Promote better work-life integration in balancing professional and personal commitments
Provide support to working parents at work
Motivate employees to work to their fullest capability through WLPs
Retain valuable employees, and reduce tardiness and absenteeism while keeping costs managed


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