TalentCorp’s Women Programmes department was established in 2021 with the vision of increasing and improving women’s socio-economic contribution to accelerate Malaysia’s economic growth.

All main programmes are developed with the following strategic thrusts and objectives;

1. Accelerating human capital development

- Encouraging continuous development to increase talents’ value towards increased performance and productivity

2. Strengthening industry and labour force engagement

- Enhancing awareness and educating on value of women in the economy

- Building professional networks to share knowledge and retain high-skilled talents

- Encourage collaboration with industry and academia to bridge gaps and manage expectations

3. Enhancing diversity and inclusivity in economic growth

- Advocating strategy, governance and culture across all entities and organisations

- Support the creation of conducive and accessible workplace for all

- Encouraging flexibility in work arrangements for improved diversity and inclusivity

TalentCorp’s Women’s Programmes are conducted through advocacy, facilitation and capacity development methods, and focus on a diverse pool of communities; school-going children, university students, C-suite industry leaders, entrepreneurs and senior women talents. Check out our key programmes for women listed below. 


Women Agenda Council Experts (WACE): A think tank comprising 8 industry and Human Resources (HR) leaders, academia and society leaders to support TalentCorp’s women initiatives. It is also a discussion platform to accelerate the progress of the women agenda in Malaysia especially, in enhancing women initiatives to support the Malaysian workforce moving forward.

Career Comeback Programme (CCP): An initiative through industry collaboration focusing on facilitating, reskilling and upskilling of women who are on career breaks and looking for opportunity to return to the workforce.

Women-Industry Network (WIN): Connecting professional women with support network consisting of C-suite women, HR leaders, qualified trainers and individual experts including successful women returnees as mentors, towards enhancing a nurturing culture for women talent.

YES! Wo+Men: An initiative aiming to provide an essential advocacy and empowerment focusing on young female and male students to allow them to make informed decisions about future career, especially in preparing them to face challenges, in balancing between professional development and personal commitments.

Women Career Convention (WCC): WCC provides women from across the talent spectrum greater access to the labour market. Additionally, it acts as a self-development platform for talents to enhance their employability through networking and knowledge sharing by industry experts.

Women Empowerment Week (WEW): An annually curated event in conjunction with International Women’s Day, put together to campaign and support women’s empowerment for the benefit and growth of Malaysia’s workforce.

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core mission


Encouraging women to expand their role in contributing to socio-economic development


Advocating for better workplace practices to provide more conducive environments for the female workforce


Reducing the gender gap in the workforce


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