For Employers Who Contribute to Talent Development
Facilitating employers who actively contribute to the development of talent.
We are dedicated to helping employers play an integral part in expanding the talent pool of the country. Hence, we have introduced several incentives and partnership programmes to facilitate you, as an employer, in contributing to the development of talent. Learn more about our incentives and partnership programmes below.

Companies that are eligible for the Income Tax Deduction Cost of Implementation of Flexible Work Arrangements (FWA) may claim this tax deduction twice up to a maximum amount of RM500,000 for each year, up to three (3) consecutive years of assessment starting from the date of implementation approval obtained from TalentCorp. Applications is for expenses incurred within the period of 1 July 2020 to 31 December 2022.

For more information, kindly refer to the Guidelines and its relevant forms below.

a. FWA Income Tax Deduction Guidelines
(Versi Bahasa Malaysia / English Version)

b. FWA Income Tax Deduction Application Form
(Versi Bahasa Malaysia / English Version)

c. FWA Income Tax Deduction Declaration Form
(Versi Bahasa Malaysia / English Version)

d. FWA Income Tax Deduction FAQ
(Versi Bahasa Malaysia / English Version)

Applications should be submitted to For assistance, kindly contact the team at

For supporting women to return to the workforce
We partner with employers who wish to ease the journey of women looking to make their career comeback by upskilling/reskilling them in the areas of soft skills, technical skills and industry knowledge.

This partnership entails the following:
  • Event: Organise a half-day/full-day workshop which may include an upskilling session, a talk on industry trends, and familiarising women with the workplace
  • Database: Leverage on our Career Comeback database of women looking to return to the workforce
  • Branding: Company’s branding prominently displayed for all promotional purposes, along with relevant promotional efforts on TalentCorp’s social media platforms.

To participate, contact the team at

For upskilling your talent
Developed to strengthen human capital development, Talent ProCertification is a double tax incentive for employers on training expenses incurred, to enable employees to obtain various industry-recognised professional certifications. 

Approved professional certificates under Talent ProCertification include MICPA-CAANZ, ACCA, ICAEW, CFA, CFP, Oracle, SAP, MIHRM, AHRI and more.

To be eligible for the Talent ProCertification incentive, your organisation must fulfil the following criteria:
  • Invest in training Malaysian employees on full-time employment 
  • Not contributing to the Human Resources Development Fund (HRDF) 
  • Can demonstrate higher investment in supporting professional certifications for employees 
To apply, download the information and forms below. For more details, you can contact the team at

For providing quality internships
The Structured Internship Programme (SIP) is developed to encourage companies to provide practical learning experience through internships for students from local public and private institutions of higher education.

As an employer who hires Malaysian full-time undergraduates from local IPTA and IPTS to undergo a SIP endorsed by us, you will be eligible for double tax deduction incentive for related expenses incurred on the interns throughout the programme.

To qualify for the SIP incentive, your organisation must fulfil the following criteria:
  • The duration of the programme is to run for a minimum of ten (10) weeks
  • Participating companies shall provide each intern with a minimum cash, or/and cash equivalent of RM500 per month
For more information on the SIP and/or to get in touch with the SIP team, you can write to: and register your company here
facts & figures
approvals since 2011 
*accurate up to December 2016
returned from Singapore, China, UK, Australia, USA
The Harvard Business School 
will be using REP as a case study for the Master students in Macro-Economics this Fall 2017
Expand your talent pipeline
Diversify your organisation’s workforce
Motivate your employees and raise their morale
Enhance your organisation’s profile among your employees


What is the applicatioWhat is the Returning Expert Programme?n process like?
The Returning Expert Programme (REP) is a programme introduced to facilitate the return of Malaysian professionals to meet the talent needs, especially in the context of the Economic Transformation Programme (ETP).
How much does it cost to apply?
Currently, there is no fee on the application for the REP.
I don’t have a job in Malaysia. 
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