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Carving Malaysia’s Future Of Work
Malaysia is one of the ten countries that make up the thriving ASEAN organisation, and its steady economic growth, social progress and sociocultural evolution have propelled the country into becoming one of the top talent destinations in the globe. 
Malaysia's quest to become a high-income nation in the near future saw the birth many economic initiatives by the government that have since identified and invested in several key developments, which include the ambitious Kuala Lumpur-Singapore high-speed railway and the MRT in the Klang Valley.

Today, Malaysia is undergoing a major economic transformation. The emergence of major investments and the brisk advancement of the country’s infrastructure have cemented Malaysia’s stature as one of the fastest growing economies in Southeast Asia. The Development Corridors, which include multi-billion ringgit metropolises like Iskandar Malaysia and Northern Corridor Economic Region, have also ensured that the influx of economic activities is no longer centred only in the Klang Valley, but is now spread throughout the nation.

The outcome of rapid advancement is, of course, the increased demand for talent. Malaysia's transformation into a high-income economy has consciously demonstrated that the country – renowned for its equatorial climate, cultural diversity and reputation as a world-class destination for tourists and expatriates – is now a fertile environment for top-class talent to build their careers in.

This is where TalentCorp comes in. Established in 2011 under the Prime Minister's Department, we are a government agency that attracts, nurtures and retains the best and the right talent to enable Malaysia to reach its aspirations. We are also uniquely placed to shape, influence and align policies, and develop demand-driven initiatives – such as the Critical Occupations List – that serve as the cornerstones for Malaysia’s talent policies.

TalentCorp was established on 1 January 2011 under the Prime Minister's Department.

We are the national agency that drives Malaysia’s talent strategy towards becoming a dynamic talent hub.

We partner with the public and private sector to implement initiatives that attract, nurture and retain the right expertise needed to meet talent demands of today and in the future.

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