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Returning Expert Programme

Returning Expert Programme (REP)

There’s no better time than now to return home.

Our country needs your help and support to become a high income nation by 2020. To meet this objective, the Returning Expert Programme (REP) will make it easier for you to plan your homecoming.

The REP facilitates the return of Malaysian professionals from abroad to overcome the shortage of professional and technical expert in the country, towards creating a world-class workforce in Malaysia, particularly in the context of driving the Economic Transformation Programme (ETP).



Following the introduction of the Goods and Services Tax (GST) on 1 April 2015, the Ministry of Finance (MoF) have confirmed that the GST will be charged on the tax exempted cars of all successful applicants under the Returning Expert Programme (REP) approved after 1 April 2015. This 6% GST is separate from the exempted RM150,000 taxes and duties related to the purchase or import of the cars.

However, successful REP applicants whose applications were approved before 1 April 2015 are exempted from GST. This exemption is valid for a period of up to two years from the date of the approval letter issued by TalentCorp.

Effective immediately, successful REP applicants approved after 1 April 2015 will have to apply for the tax exemption of their car online at http://smpc.treasury.gov.my.

Meanwhile, successful REP applicants approved before 1 April 2015 will have to manually apply for the tax exemption on their cars to MoF’s Bahagian Cukai.

To download the Ministry of Finance’s Tax Division (Bahagian Cukai) form, please click here.

Eligibility Criteria


For Applicants from All Sectors (except Healthcare)



For Applicants from the Healthcare Sector (Doctors/Dentists)


1 Other healthcare professionals, e.g., pharmacists, nurses, allied health practitioners, etc., are subject to the eligibility criteria for general professionals as well as registration requirements set by the respective professional bodies/regulators, e.g., Pharmacy Board Malaysia, Malaysian Nursing Board, etc.

2 Baseline REP criteria still applies. Additionally, specialists would require different periods of supervised work experience as prescribed by relevant NSR Specialist Committee. Details are available at http://nsr.org.my/criteria1.html.

REP Application Process – Guide

If you have more queries, please contact the REP Secretariat by e-mail at rep@talentcorp.com.my or by telephone at +603 8892 3800 (Mon – Fri, 9am – 6pm – GMT +8 / Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia time).

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